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Need to make an impact with your next presentation?

We Will Analyse Your PowerPoint Or Prezi and Reveal The Simple Steps You Can Take To Transform Your Next Presentation.

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Powerful PowerPoint and Prezi Design Which Lifts Your Presentation and Creates an Impact With Your Audience

Need to make your next pitch, webinar or presentation count? The way you communicate and present your message to your audience has a massive effect. You can bore them to sleep and ruin your reputation with poorly presented, outdated DIY – or use a professionally designed presentation which grabs their attention, keeps them captivated and influences them to your point of view.

This is exactly what we do for you at Presentation Design Co. We take your raw, unpolished content and transform it into a masterpiece which has real impact – if needed we can even deliver within 1-3 days!

Over 4000+ Presentations That Are Built To Engage Audiences...

We’ve Designed Custom Presentations For TED Speakers & Multinational Companies

We’ve worked with some of the most recognized organizations in the world like Audi, Nestle, Toyota, Commonwealth Bank and even the Australian Government. These are just a handful of the 1500+ clients who’ve trusted us to breathe new life into their presentations and increase the effectiveness of their communications.

Our work has also been displayed on the biggest stages – having polished and brought to life presentations for world-renowned TED talks. They chose to work with us because we are true experts – being 1 of only 6 certified Platinum Experts in the industry-leading software, Prezi.

4000+ Professional Presentations Delivered & We’ve Never Missed A Deadline… EVER!

Tight deadline? Missing it can make you look just a bad as a dull presentation. With so much on the line so you need to be careful who you trust with your project. We consistently produce the best presentations in the industry with incredibly tight timeframes.

Through the experience of over 4000 presentations for our clients in the past 6 years we’ve developed a process that consistently creates results, and we haven’t missed a deadline yet. Unlike other agencies, we match you with your own dedicated designer which means you can make last-minute changes without your instructions being misunderstood or diluted.

Just Some Of The Transformations That Happen At Presentation Design Co.


Here’s A Brief Outline Of What You’ll Discover In Your FREE Strategy Session…

  • The 5 Presentation Design Styles Used By Successful Presenters You can break down the most successful and engaging presentations ever given into these 5 styles – find our what they are and which is best for you
  • The Simple Yet Extremely Effective Replacement For Bullet Bullet points are a great way to ‘chunk’ your information, however they can be dull when done wrong – use this modern replacement to grab attention instead
  • 4 Little Known Elements Which Make Your Presentation World Class We’ve dissected and put together some of the most effective presentations in the world and they share these 4 common elements – discover what they are!
  • How To Use Stories To Instantly Make Dry Content More Engaging One of the most important factors of making your content more engaging is using stories to communicate your message – we’ll show you how to do it right
  • The Single Biggest Design Mistake Made By 95% Of Presenters So many presenters make this design mistake – and when they do it makes their whole presentation dry and boring and puts their audience to sleep!
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Find Out How To Make Your Next Presentation A Masterpiece Which Has Massive Impact (Value $297)

Save The Time, Stress & Frustration Of A DIY PPT Presentation Which Misses The Mark

Want to save money and do a DIY PowerPoint presentation? Consider this: You’ll spend countless hours editing, sourcing images and trying to come up with effective design ideas. And after all this, chances are it’ll still fall flat.

What you need to do is determine what the result of the presentation is worth to you. Will a gripping, persuasive and impactful presentation help you drive more sales? Convince board members for more funding? Or make you look like a star in front of your boss? Then a custom a presentation design is what you need to make it count.

Custom Slide Designs Which Breathe Life Into Your Flat PowerPoint Presentation

Have a feeling your slide designs will lose your audience? Don’t worry. Our experienced designers can work magic with your dull block of information. They’ll carefully dissect the most important points, organise them in the most persuasive structure and find supporting images and design language to make it a masterpiece.

What you’re left with is an exquisite diamond which has been polished to flawless perfection. Your audience will be eating out of the palm of your hand and your message will have long-lasting impact. Speak to us today to see how we can design a presentation which achieves your goals.

How Presentation Design Co Works

4 Easy Steps To Get Your Custom Presentation

Claim your Free Strategy Session We’ll go through every inch of your presentation or your initial thoughts and ideas and show you where they fall down and give you specific design ideas to improve it and make it captivating.
Approve Your Presentation Proposal We’ll prepare a proposal for your project which details everything we’ll do and the timeframes of completion – once you approve it we can start immediately
Work With Your Personal Designer You’ll now be assigned your personal designer for the project who will work tirelessly to make your presentation unique, memorable and persuasive.
Deliver Your Power-Packed Presentation Our designer will complete your project before the deadline so you can deliver your powerful presentation and keep it as an asset for many years to come.
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Find Out How To Make Your Next Presentation A Masterpiece Which Has Massive Impact (Value $297)

Here’s Even More Samples Of Our Work…

Our 100% Work For Free Guarantee

We understand how important a deadline is and what happens when you miss one… This is why we guarantee we’ll have your project back to you within your allocated deadline or we won’t charge you even one cent!

Our Clients Love Us Because We Design Presentations Which Deliver Results – On Time, Every Time…

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Ready to transform your presentation into a captivating masterpiece? Then claim your free presentation audit with our expert team who’ve worked with over 1,500 clients (including world-renowned TED speakers!). They’ll show you how to turn it into a powerful and professional asset that doubles, triples, even quadruples its effectiveness even if you haven’t started yet!

Here’s what you’ll get in your presentation report

  • The fatal trap almost all Business presenters fall victim to and how you can avoid it (81.3% of presenters commit this blunder which makes you look unprepared and unprofessional in seconds!)
  • Have a tight deadline and zero chance of preparing a decent presentation? Get a professionally designed presentation in days – even hours – WITHOUT pulling an all-nighter!
  • The investment in budget and it to create a Professional Presentation (answering the how much, how long question)
  • The most versatile platform to create your awe-inspiring presentation on (never be held back or handicapped by your software again!)

BONUS: you’ll also get our free guide “The 7 poisonous practices the are Killing your presentation and how to remedy them”, Which reveals exactly how to turn average slides into a ground-breaking presentation! Places are strictly limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis – so act now to secure your presentation audit and make a real impact!